Randall M. Peterman


B.Sc. (Biological Sciences, University of California at Davis)
Ph.D. (Zoology, University of British Columbia)
Professor and Canada Research Chair in Fisheries Risk Assessment and Management · School of Resource and Environmental Management
Research:     http://www.rem.sfu.ca/fishgrp

Watch a video of a 2009 seminar that gives an overview of my research: Improving Pacific Salmon Populations

Email:       peterman (AT) sfu (DOT) ca
Phone:     (778) 782-4683
Fax:        (778) 782-4968

Dr. Randall M. Peterman holds a Canada Research Chair in “Fisheries Risk Assessment and Management” and specializes in quantitative methods to improve fisheries management. His research focuses on: (1) fish population dynamics, (2) uncertainties affecting conservation risks and management decisions, and (3) approaches to reducing uncertainties. His research team uses large data sets, simulation models, Bayesian and other statistical methods, and formal decision analysis.

Peer recognition for his research includes the 1990 J.C. Stevenson Award for “... creative research on the cutting edge of an aquatic discipline.” Awards include the 2006 Robert L. Kendall “Best Paper Award” for the Transactions of the American Fisheries Society (134:86), “The Most Significant Paper in the North American J. of Fisheries Management” (1992, 12:1), and the 1994 W.F. Thompson Award (American Institute of Fisheries Research Biologists) for “The Best Student Paper” (Canadian J. of Fish. & Aquatic Sci. 49:1294). Another paper was one of six finalists in 2002 for the “Best Paper” award in the Transactions of the American Fisheries Society.

In 1990, Randall won Simon Fraser University’s Excellence in Teaching Award. He has co-chaired a panel for the Canadian Global Change Program of the Royal Society of Canada.

Example publications include: (Full Publication Listing)

  • Dorner, B., R.M. Peterman, and Z. Su. 2009. Evaluation of performance of alternative models of Pacific salmon in the presence of climatic change and outcome uncertainty using Monte Carlo simulations. In press, Can. J. Fish. & Aquat. Sci. 66(12):2199-2221.

  • Pestes, L. and others. 2008. Bayesian decision analysis for evaluating management options to promote recovery of a depleted salmon population. Conservation Biology 22:351-361.

  • Nelitz, M.A. and others. 2007. A science-based approach for identifying temperature-sensitive streams for rainbow trout. North American Journal of Fisheries Management (NAJFM) 27:405-424.

  • Holt, C.A. and R.M. Peterman. 2006. Missing the target: uncertainties in achieving management goals in fisheries on Fraser River, British Columbia sockeye salmon. Can. J. Fish. & Aquat. Sci. (CJFAS) 63:2722-2733.

  • Peterman, R. M. 2004. Possible solutions to some challenges facing fisheries scientists and managers. In press in the ICES Journal of Marine Science.

  • Su, Z., R. M. Peterman, S. L. Haeseker. 2004. Spatial hierarchical Bayesian models for stock-recruitment analysis of pink salmon. Canadian J. of Fisheries &Aquatic Sci. 61(2):2471-2486.

  • MacGregor, B.W., R.M. Peterman, B.J. Pyper and M.J. Bradford. 2002. A decision analysis framework for comparing experimental designs of projects to enhance Pacific salmon. North Amer. J. Fish. Mgmt. 22(2):509-527.

  • Mueter, F.J., R.M. Peterman, B.J. Pyper. 2002. Opposite effects of ocean temperature on survival rates of 120 stocks of Pacific salmon in northern and southern areas. Canadian J. of Fisheries & Aquatic Sci.

  • Peterman, R.M., B.J. Pyper, J.A. Grout 2000. Comparison of parameter estimation methods for detecting climate-induced changes in productivity of Pacific salmon. Canadian J. of Fisheries & Aquatic Sci., 57:181-191.

  • Peterman, R.M. and J.L. Anderson. 1999. Decision analysis: a method for taking uncertainties into account in risk-based decision making. Human and Ecological Risk Assessment 5:231-244.

  • Peterman, R.M. 1990. Statistical power analysis can improve fisheries research and management. Canadian J. of Fisheries &Aquatic Sci. 47:2-15.

Randall also co-authored the “Precautionary Approach to Fisheries, Part 1: Guidelines on the precautionary approach to capture fisheries and species introductions,” 1995, Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations, Fisheries Technical Paper No. 350/1.

Randall teaches Risk Assessment and Decision Analysis (REM 625) and the Ph.D Research Methods course (REM 802).


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